class and events at canstem

We are pleased to announce that the following classes are now available. Please contact us for more information, or if you wish to attend. More seminars and activities will be released in the near future.

1. University of Waterloo CS Prep - April 2019

2. University Prep in Python - April 2019

3. Python Graphics (Grade 6 to 9) - New class each month

4. Python Programming Language - New class each month.

5. Java Programming Language - New class each month.

6. Computer Game Design in Java - New class each month

7. University of Toronto CS Prep - April 2019

8. C/C++ University Preparation - April 2019

9. Computing in Python Summer Camp - July 2019  

10. University Calculus Preparation - April 2019

11. University Physics Preparation - February 2019

University of Waterloo Computer Science Preparation

Many students will discover there is a significant difference between high school level and university level education, especially at the University of Waterloo. For this reason, CanSTEM provides CS preparation courses for the University of Waterloo. In this course, we will offer intensive training in Racket, Python data structure and more. CanSTEM is the only education institute which offers CS preparation for the University of Waterloo.

April, 2019

North York and Markham

University Preparation for python

Computer programming languages are essential for most programs in science, engineering and business. Python is widely used in many Canadian universities such as the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto and more. CanSTEM will provide university preparation in Python, starting as of April 2019.

April 2019

North York and Markham

Python Graphics (Grade 6 to Grade 9)

A introduction programming language designed for students from grade 6 to grade 9 without any experience. In this course, basic programming concepts and computer graphic in Turtle will be addressed. The goal of this course is to trigger students' interests in computer science. 

Course Website

Introduction of Python Programming Language

Introductory class for understanding the Python programming language in Markham and North York. This is an ideal course for students in Grade 10 that are aiming to enroll in computer science and engineering. Many example problems from the Canadian Computing Contest (CCC) will be utilized in lectures.

February, 2019

North York and Markham

Course Website