python class in Markham and North York

Computer science is essential not only for most programs in universities but also in our daily lives. We strongly encourage students to acquire a high degree of computer science knowledge before enrolling in university.

With a wide range of computer science courses in CanSTEM from entry level computer programming to university preparation, we help students build up good logic thinking and strong proficiency in data structure and algorithm. Our aim is not only to teach students knowledge that can be used in a variety of applications (i.e. development of computer games, software, etc.), but also to provide them with a strong background for university and college.

Computer Graphics in Python - Introduction

Computer Science in Python - Junior

Computer Science in Python - Senior

Computer Science in Python - Advanced (OOP)

Java Programming Language - Introduction

Java Programming Language - Junior 

Java Programming Language - Senior

Java Programming Language - Advanced (OOP)

Data Structure in Computer Science

University Preparation in Python

University Preparation in C and C++

Advanced Data Structure and Algorithm