FREQUENTLY ASKED Questions About Education in Canada

Over the past years, many students and parents come to us with various questions and inquiries. We have summarized answers for frequent questions based on experience and feedback from our students. We hope that these answers will help current as well as future students.

 1. What is CanSTEM? 

 2. Difference between our school and private tutoring?

 3. How to be successful in university - engineering?

 4. Thinking about computer science?

 5. How to be successful in life science?

 6. A professional prep. or school and private tutoring?

What is CanSTEM?

 CanSTEM is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based university preparation school for students in Grade 9 to Grade 12. Over the past few years, we have found that courses in high school are insufficient in preparing students for university. With our university preparation courses, we can provide students with a heightened level of readiness in calculus, physics, chemistry, computer science and medical courses for university level studies. Schools are available in Markham, North York and in two locations in the Vancouver area.


CanSTEM provides scheduled courses in calculus, physics, chemistry and computer science for high school students aiming for engineering, science, computer science and medical preparation programs. We also provide private tutoring for students that reqire specific assistance in tests or assignments in high school and university topics. We have helped students in high school and university, especially Ontario-based students attending or planning to attend the University of Toronto, Waterloo, McMaster, York, and many more. If you require specific help, please contact us for subjects as well as scheduling.


We are aware that engineering programs in university can be difficult. Engineering students should have a very strong background in calculus, physics, chemistry and computer science. However, physics is one of Ontario education's weaknesses. A high level of Physics understanding demonstrates knowledge in classical kinematics and dynamics, work-energy, impulse and momentum, rotational dynamics, thermal dynamics, wave and sound, electric field, Gauss' Law, electric potential, capacitors, direct and alternating circuits, magnetic fields, Bio-Savart's Law, inductance, induction, and many topics in modern physics such as black body radiation, photoelectric effect, Compton Effect, the Bohr Model and Relativity. In Ontario, students only learn part of classical mechanics, but very little in other topics. Our university preparation courses in physics will aid students in learning about the breadth of which physics topics offer, as well as prepare them for university studies.

ThinkING about computer science?

The study of computer science is essential for everyone today, not only for students in computer science but also for students in engineering and many other fields of study. Computer science trains the mind, encourages creativity and ideas through programming language. To build up good logical thinking requires understanding of concepts in data structure and algorithm. We encourage students to begin preparation as early as Grade 8 or Grade 9. Using our well-designed computer game design courses, we help students become interested in computer science, after which we introduce Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and ADT in senior level courses. More advanced topics such as binary search trees, graphing and other topics in data structure and algorithm are introduced over time. We will also go over many of the problems used by the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) from the University of Waterloo.

HOW TO Be successFUL in life science?

Pre-medical courses go by different names such as life science, health science or biomedical science. If you have any questions about preparation for medical school, please contact us and attend our seminars for medical preparation.


Home service tutors do not have the resources to provide students with an optimal learning experience. It is our belief that professional services require a professional service provider. CanSTEM has more than twenty years of experience and resources in university preparation. For anyone who wishes to be successful in university, please contact us.