Mathematics is a discipline that we focus on from primary to junior high school. Its application involves various fields, and the focus of learning mathematics is to cultivate good logical thinking. The mathematics courses we teach are not only extensive in content, but are also focused on improving the students' logical thinking and developing thorough problem-solving capabilities. Students will not only learn how to solve problems, but also master solid theory and logical thinking, allowing them to deal with a variety of questions. At the same time, we specialize in high school mathematics, helping students who are about to enter university in laying down a strong foundation in mathematics, in order to achieve optimal results.

Grade 8 to Grade 11 Math

Grade 12 Advanced Function 

Calculus - University Preparation (AP Calculus BC)

Vector and Geometry

University Calculus 

Probability and Statistics - University Preparation

AP Calculus

Vector Calculus

Linear Algebra

Differential Equations