Private tutoring and assignment help

We provide private tutoring for assignments in high school and university level topics. If you require assistance in particular assignments, please contact us and we can make arrangements based on your schedule requirements.

High School Mathematics and University Calculus

High School Physics and University Physics

High School Chemistry and University Chemistry

Computer Science in Java, Python, C/C++

Data Structure in Java, C/C++, Python and UML Design

Accounting and Economics 

Medical School Topics

Additionally, we offer assistance in the following university topics for exam preparation and assignment assistance. If you require help in these particular topics, please contact us to book an appointment.

University of Toronto

Math 137, Math 135, Math 223, CSC108, CSC148, CSC165, Physics 131, Physics 132, Physics 151, Physics 152

University of Waterloo

Math 137, Math 138, CS115, CS135, CS116, CS136,